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IRL: Rough ride for Conway and Franchitti

Dario Franchitti spent an alarming amount of his last full IRL season airborne, while Mike Conway’s début season has involved flying into the wall far too often – but this time the two Brits were in the sky by choice.

Franchitti and Conway joined IRL rivals Scott Dixon, Hideki Mutoh and EJ Viso as guests of the US Navy air display team, the Blue Angels, for roller coaster ride on a C-130 Hercules cargo aircraft.


“I was lucky enough to sit in the cockpit and to watch these guys work as a team when they were doing the manoeuvres was really quite something, an amazing experience,” said Franchitti.

Conway added: “It was the first time I’ve been in a plane like that. I think the first little trip we did was an easy ride in – as soon as they pulled up and you felt the Gs, the opposite Gs as they levelled off, it definitely got the stomach going. It was good fun.”


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