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GP2: scurrilous gossip from Istanbul


If you’re wanting to get up to speed with the personalities and politics of the GP2 series, and possibly find out who the next young super-recruits to F1 might be, you could do a lot worse than follow the series blog.

The latest entry’s a long and lavishly-illustrated account of paddock life during the Istanbul race, including a superb picture of a bloke who’s donned his fireproof overalls to ride what looks like an electric shopper bike.


Here’s where we at Brits On Pole have our prejudices about certain F1 drivers confirmed (assuming as we did that this refers to Piquet fils):

Even [communications officer] Will Buxton came down to say hello, making the long walk down from the F1 paddock.
“Hello mate,” he smiled as he came over. “Bit colder here than I expected.”
“Tell me about it,” I said as we walked down the lane formed between the team trucks.
“Have you seen Piquet Sports’ new panelling behind their cars?”
“Yeah, the mirrors: I guess it’ll give Nelson somewhere to check his hair when he comes down to visit…”

For more insider gossip from the Istanbul paddock, visit the full blog post here.


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