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F1: our Grand Prix League 2008 standings

Well, we promised that we’d tell you how we’re doing in McLaren’s Grand Prix League 2008 contest, and here we are. The object is to spend a budget of $75 million on the teams and drivers that will bring the highest points rewards across the season.

The current leaders managed a points total of 390 from the Australian Grand Prix. The BritsOnPole team, whose faith in Anthony Davidson and Super Aguri has clearly not paid off, managed to pull in 343 points.


This puts us in 1,390th place (out of 18,237 players, which makes us feel slightly better). Backing Heidfeld and Rosberg is something we’re feeling quite proud about.

Of course, Malaysia will undoubtedly sort the sheep from the goats, and we predict a rapid trip to the top of the standings.


What are you looking at us like that for?

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If you’re playing too, we’d love to hear from you – let us know how you’re doing in the comments…


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