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F1: New Scientist asks if KERS is safe

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An article recently published in the respected New Scientist magazine asks if the KERS power boost system used by F1 teams for the first time this year is safe.

It highlights the fact that the advantages the system offers the sport including, energy efficiencies and more exciting racing, come at a cost that has been less widely-discussed, including the risk of battery fires, electrocution and flying debris.


Of course it is hardly the first to highlight the risks of KERS, with problems including the electocution of a BMW Sauber mechanic and a fire at Red Bull’s Buckinghamshire factory both widely-publicised.

A problem with this debate is the fact that it is very hard for Formula One fans who are not engineers to have an informed opinion about such issues.

Thus we think accessible sources of information such as this one are to be welcome, and we also think it’s well worth taking the time to read this article. We’re a little late to the party – it was published shortly before Melbourne – but that doesn’t make it any less worthwhile.

Read the full article here >>


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