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F1: How to build your very own race car


Ever fancied building your own grand prix-winning Formula One car? (And which of us has not?) Today is your lucky day – here’s a handy how-to guide from none other than championship-winners McLaren.

In best Blue Peter fashion, you will need a few items to help you – in this case a set of components flown out from a state-of-the-art factory, the air fare to Berlin and an army of enthusiastic fans ready and willing to do some heavy lifting:


The video above was filmed at the launch in Berlin’s Potsdamerplatz of the MP4-26, McLaren’s latest shot at a championship-winning car, and one that is even now being put through its paces on the racetrack for the first time in Barcelona. And we hope that the Brit-pack of Jense, Lewis and Gary, are all having fun with it.

After all, last time the team wanted to put together a viral video on this subject, they had to crack on and do the job themselves.

Although assembling it must have been great fun, years of mucking about with Airfix models have taught us that we really wouldn’t have wanted to be the ones to put the transfers on. No, we’d have been perfectly happy to leave that to the experts…

Disclosure: Watch this video and you will cause Brits on Pole to earn (literally) a few pennies as a result. Maybe enough to eventually buy a packet of biscuits for the Global HQ. So, what do you reckon? Rich Tea or Maryland Cookies? We’re not so much Hobnob people and the profits are unlikely to run to Boasters…


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