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British GP tickets: what’s your best bet?

Silverstone has announced that general admission race-day tickets for July’s British Grand Prix have sold out – so what’s your best bet if you are still hoping to attend the race?

Well, fear not, for there are actually plenty of options left. And, although prices can climb pretty high, not all of them will break the bank.


The circuit is reminding fans that three-day grandstand and individual day tickets for Friday practice and Saturday qualifying are still available. And there are still some grandstand tickets available for the Sunday too, although prices are far from cheap.

Here’s what you can still get your hands on:

  • Practice tickets for Friday July 9 from £50
  • Quualifying tickets for Saturday July 10 from £70
  • Race day tickets for Sunday July 11 from £185
  • Three-day tickets from £175
  • Camping tickets from £35

More information on all these options can be found here. Please note that the details above are based on the venue’s website and are correct at the time of publishing but are intended for guidance only. For the definitive guide to pricing and availability you need to click through and check for yourself.

Tickets also be booked by calling 0844 3728 300.

Attendees will get to see Formula One cars racing on the new Arena circuit which includes two new grandstands with a third also added at Chapel.

There is also new elevated spectator banking at Abbey and Becketts, a higher grandstand along the pit straight and a repositioned grandstand at Becketts which the circuit says will have an improved view. A new spectator area at Vale, in front of the raised Vale grandstand, is being opened up to allow fans to get closer to the action.

Fans are reminded that some of the familiar grandstands have moved so, before buying, check you will be sitting where you expect.

The news that tickets are selling well is a good outcome for Silverstone which has little more than eight months of promotional time following the cancellation of a planned event at Donington Park and the subsequent renewal of its F1 contract for the next 17 years.

The demanding financial terms of that contract also require that the event is a success if the circuit is to thrive.

Richard Phillips, Silverstone’s managing director, said: “British Grand Prix tickets have been selling well over the last few months, but we still have a long way to go to sell out in all areas.

“Fans have made the most of our early booking offers and the general admission tickets are always among the first to sell out. Whilst they don’t offer access to grandstands, fans enjoy being able to watch the action from different locations, on raised banks around the circuit.

“These tickets are extremely popular, and have sold out even faster than in previous years.”


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