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British GP: ‘We have the time and the money’

Construction of the new grand prix-worthy circuit at Donington Park is set to take nine months and has finance in place, according to the venue’s CEO Simon Gillett.

He has also revealed that the circuit plans to deal with potential congestion problems on the race weekend by banning cars altogether and insisting visitors arrive by public transport.


Mr Gillett was speaking at during an open day to showcase Donington’s corporate activities, according to local newspaper the Nottingham Evening Post.

It is reporting that around 70,000 visitors will reach the race by bus from Nottingham, Leicester or Derby, by train to the under-construction East Midlands Parkway Station or by flying to the neighbouring East Midlands Airport. Fans will be expected to book their transport with their tickets.

Mr Gillet said: “This will be the first public transport Grand Prix. We are not bringing cars here. We are looking to use public transport from all the major conurbations, the airport and the Parkway station.”

He also said that the improved circuit will feature a new half-mile section featuring the steepest climb on an F1 circuit and a new ‘signature’ corner.

He confirmed that, if planning permission is granted on January 27, construction is set to start immediately: “We are still on schedule for our construction programme. We will have a nine-month construction programme in an 18-month window.

“We have got the time and we have got the money. It is going to be the world’s best circuit.”

The Nottingham Evening Post reports that up to 300 jobs are set to be created in the construction phase and up to 60 jobs at the track because of the event. There will be hospitality facilities for 11,000 visitors.


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