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Fantasy F1: it’s all looking a bit less embarrassing

We’ve been a bit lax recently in sticking with our promise to report our progress in the McLaren Grand Prix League fantasy F1 competition – in fact, we haven’t updated since Germany.

So here’s a quick post about what’s happened in the last two races.


Things have been somewhat better for the BritsOnPole team since the last transfer window allowed us to shed more of our dodgier picks, and the last two grands prix have been reasonably successful.

At Hungary we scored 365 points and at Valencia 388 – our second-highest score ever. For context, we reckon the top Hungary score was in the region of 450 (we’ve left it too late to check properly) while the top European one was 461.

Following the European Grand Prix we are now on 4,121 points and 6,586th out of 19,657 players, a gain of a stonking 1,040 places. We can’t pretend not to be pleased about this – thank you Lewis Hamilton, Nick Heidfeld and Jarno Trulli. The leading player currently has 4,894 points.

Following the Hungarian Grand Prix we were on 3,733 points and in 7,626th position after gaining 498 places.

Of course, for BritsOnPole every bit as much as for Lewis Hamilton, there’s still plenty of time for things to go pear-shaped…


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