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That Lewis Hamilton / Airfix / Abbey advert in full


November 3rd: See here for an update or pre-order here in time for Christmas.

Of all the many adverts featuring Lewis Hamilton, the best since last season’s classic with Fernando Alonso and Mika Hakkinen is surely the new Abbey Airfix kit one.


Made up of equal parts misty-eyed nostalgia and unsettling high-tech visual trickery, it makes a simple point very effectively.


You can see not only the ad itself but also a 3min 50sec “making of” feature on McLaren’s video page here, but for the time being – until the lawyers hit YouTube with a take-down notice – it’s embedded here too courtesy of the official Airfix YouTube channel.

We love it – even though we have to admit we were never that careful with the paint jobs for the pilots of our 1:72 scale Lancasters and Hurricanes…


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