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24 Jan 2010: Superleague’s engine manufacturer wins industry award

The performance engineering company responsible for building the V12 engines that power Superleague Formula, as well as contributing to the Bloodhound SSC land speed record project, has won the Motorsport Industry Association’s (MIA) Technology and Innovation Award.

25 Nov 2009: Superleague: Taking a hand in the world land speed record bid

The roar of the Superleague Formula 4.2-litre V12 engine may have a great appeal for fans attending a race weekend – but they’re not the only ones to appreciate its advantages.

25 Nov 2009: Bloodhound SSC: Landspeed challenge team picks final car design

The British supersonic car that will challenge for the World Land Speed Record is taking shape after engineers settled on how it will be powered and where it will be built.

28 Oct 2008: Jet-powered British supercar aims for 1,000mph

It’s not just potential F1 World Champions we’re producing round here these days – it’s also plans for mind-buggeringly fast jet-propelled cars. Nobody tell Richard Hammond…

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