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GP2: Monaco blog posts go live


Hoping to get all the latest hot gossip and intrigue from the Monaco GP2 paddock? The series blog has two episodes of a promised three-parter on the subject live and published.

Since there’s no Canada race, and the next slice of GP2 action will be taking place in France in 19 days’ time, fans will need something to keep themselves occupied in the meantime – and this may be the perfect distraction.


The first post covers the period between kilt-clad journalist David Cameron (a lot of them about, we understand, especially north of the border) arriving in the Principality, and finding that no-one whatsoever is interested in an all-English Champions League final, and his watching no less than 15 drivers being summoned to see the stewards after qualifying.

“I hadn’t realised,” he informs us, “just how many mechanics would be interested in the state of my undergarments and what a distraction it would prove to be.” And a little later Bruno Senna enquires: “Why are you wearing that? Did you lose a bet? You really need to shave your legs man: that’s not attractive!”

A proud race, the Scots, and we would not advocate tangling with them, especially on the issue of highland dress. Read on (and see knee-revealing photos) here…

In part two we hear about the racing – starting with threats of kilt kidnap from FMS team principal Paolo Coloni should stand-in driver Adam Carroll find himself on the podium, reviewing the chaos caused by a crash between Buemi and Pantano at Mirabeau and ending with a victory for Bruno Senna and a coveted invitation for a Red Bull party. Read on here…

As for part three – keep refreshing this page…


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