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Fantasy F1: Team BritsOnPole is on the climb

Logging into our McLaren Grand Prix League 2008 team account has been a bit less of a chore recently since our season took a welcome turn for the better round about the British Grand Prix.

Much like Lewis Hamilton’s, really.


And the positive trend has continued in Germany. From a low point at Monaco, where we scored just 312 points after a run of low-scoring races, we are now picking up points.

The chance to finally get rid of Super Aguri in favour of Red Bull – see our last post on this subject – hasn’t hurt either.

At Hockenheim we scored a total of 380 points (compared to a high score of 466) to take our total score to 3368 (compared to the leading scorer on 4076). We gained 953 places and are now 8,124th out of a total of 19,657 players.

Modest achievements, but they make us happy…


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