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Fantasy F1: Magny-Cours not the wipe-out we expected

So, how are we doing post-Magny-Cours in the McLaren Grand Prix League competition? Well, we were expecting a rough ride since the Ferraris were always going to be dominant and that particular outfit is not represented at all in our driver or team picks.

Add that to the fact that BMW, a team and pair of drivers that we invested in heavily, also had a less than stellar weekend and you can see how we were distinctly nervous about logging into the McLaren site on Monday morning.


Thankfully Jarno Trulli came to our rescue. As a result of our decision to sign the veteran Toyota driver during the game’s first transfer window the French Grand Prix hasn’t been an utter wipe-out.

We’re 83 places down on our Canada result with a total points score for the race of 319. (Our highest ever was 395, for that same Canada race.) The highest total scored by any player in France was an impressive 483 for a team that invested heavily in Ferrari, Toyota and Red Bull.

Our league position is 9,814th out of 19,621 – a board meeting has been convened and the directors have decreed that our revised team goal for this season is to finish in the top 10,000.

Fortunately we’re only about a week away from the next transfer window. While we do face some tricky choices, namely how to unload Super Aguri when it’s worthless and can’t fund a new purchase, it should be an opportunity to improve our lot a bit.


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