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F1: Why Lewis and Heikki should stick with their day jobs

You might think that the day jobs of Lewis Hamilton and Heikki Kovalainen aren’t up to much at the moment, with McLaren’s MP4-24 misbehaving so badly, but we bring you evidence that they should definitely stick to race driving.

That’s because, unlike other sporting names such as former WWE wrestler Dwayne Johnson (better known as The Rock) and former combat footballer Vinnie Jones, a profitable career in Hollywood probably doesn’t beckon for either.


They don’t even have the excuse of inexperience – the numbers of viral videos that are pouring out of the Technology Centre and the HQ of sponsors Vodafone mean they are getting more than enough practice in front of the cameras.

But, as the attached clip shows, an attack of the giggles is never very far away. And it’s canny marketing when the out-takes get released, and possibly manage to circulate better than the clip that was being filmed at the time. It looks pretty unscripted, but still plenty of mentions of the sponsor’s name, you’ll notice.

Still, we appreciate the light relief, and are pleased to see that the boys are still smiling despite their dreadful season.


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