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F1: Our McLaren Grand Prix League freefall is now merely a slide

McLaren has done its sums, and the latest scores from round five of its Grand Prix League fantasy racing competition are now up on the site.

The Brits on Pole team is delighted to announce that its trapdoor-like habit of dropping hundreds of places after every race is now just a slide. A mere trickle, in fact.


After Turkey we fell 49 places in the standings, to leave us 14,778th out of 19,621 players. This is, naturally, a sporting triumph that gives us plenty to build upon for next season. Top drivers will be flocking to us now.

We’ve also arrested our trend of scoring fewer points for every succeeding grand prix that happens, with 318 this week, up from 311 in Spain. (To give a bit of context, the top Turkey score was, er, 434.)

Unfortunately our season is irretrievably compromised by the fact we picked Super Aguri and now can’t get rid of them. In the absence of any mention from McLaren of how it intends to deal with a team quitting mid-season we are assuming we are stuck with the consequences of backing losers.

Even if we wait until the transfer window few options are open to us. The value of the team is so low that we can’t swap them because they won’t raise enough cash to buy another team instead. We may be reduced to selling off a good driver.

Oh well. [grittedteeth] It’s. All. A. Bit. Of. Fun. [/grittedteeth] Not competitive at all. Of course not.


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