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F1: weather report for the Singapore Grand Prix


Night racing. An untried circuit. A wet climate. Uncertainty about just how far drivers can or cannot go without copping an overtaking penalty. Thunderstorms forecast.

This is going to be fun.


Singapore is one of just three city states in the world – and two of them now have grands prix. How long can it be before Vatican City is awarded its own race, funded by donations from the faithful around the world?

Perhaps a Scalextric championship would be more practical, given its size.

Anyway. The weather forecast tends to be remarkably undifferentiated for this tiny territory and, in fact, very similar to Malaysia’s. You can view the BBC’s five-day forecast here and its general weather guide for Singapore, which points out: “The most unpleasant months are March and September, when winds are light.”

At time of writing, heavy showers are forecast for all three days of the race weekend – although the series’ official site Formula1.com has been reporting that there is a possibility of thunderstorms. Good show.

And here’s an alternative view:

Finally, there’s a useful Google Maps mash-up at the end of this link that lets you see where in the city it’s raining, and also has links to webcams. To find the circuit, zoom in on the area directly above the word ‘Singapore’ and look for Raffles Boulevard.

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