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F1: The Times calls on Dennis to resign


Never let it be said that the British press isn’t even-handed.

The Sunday Times has recently become embroiled in a row with the FIA over remarks by Martin Brundle calling the organisation’s impartiality into question, a row that now requires the intervention of m’learned friends.


And today its sister paper has Ron Dennis and Martin Whitmarsh in its sights.

A comment piece by Edward Gorman in today’s edition says that the McLaren team principal and CEO should be asking for their cards – or being handed them – for having presided over chaos at McLaren during the 2007 season:

Ron Dennis should pay price after wreckage of McLaren season

It is hard to find the right words to describe the season that McLaren Mercedes and Ron Dennis, their embattled team principal, have endured this year. A shambles, a disaster — take your pick.

The proud Woking-based Formula One team have stumbled from one crisis to another, culminating this week in having to issue a humiliating public apology to their rivals, fans and the FIA, the sport’s governing body, in an attempt to stave off further sanctions for conduct that amounts to cheating.

It had all looked so bright and beautiful in the McLaren garden this time last year. Lewis Hamilton was about to make his debut, the team had secured the services of Fernando Alonso, the double world champion, and a glorious season in Dennis’s 60th year seemed on the cards. Who knows, he could even have been on his way to Buckingham Palace for a knighthood by the end of this month, but not any more.

Instead, we are left to ponder how on earth it all went wrong and why Dennis and possibly also Martin Whitmarsh, his right-hand man and chief operating officer, have not already resigned or been fired. If their chosen field had been politics or football, for example, both would have been forced out months ago. Read full article here…


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