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F1: Super Aguri is safe, Davidson looks on the bright side


Talk about making the best of a bad situation. Super Aguri’s tightrope-walk in search of the funding that would ensure their survival wasn’t all bad, according to Anthony Davidson.

The rumoured agreement with British automotive strategists the Magma Group safeguarding the team’s future was confirmed earlier this week. Magma will not be sponsors, and the extent to which they will become owners has not been publicly announced.


Davidson is therefore assured of a drive this year – although he accepts that, with only three days testing under their belt, the team is very much on the back foot and faces a torrid time of it in the first few races.

Nevertheless, it could be worse: “We had a very long winter to prepare mentally for this so we are very much up for the challenge.”

A winter of mental preparation. That’ll be the new name for sitting in front of Corrie with a milky coffee and a ready meal while your rivals put in lap after lap at Jerez, Barcelona and Bahrain, will it?


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