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F1: Red Bull gives you – nothing much to go on, actually


The lack of hard information about Fernando Alonso’s 2008 plans has triggered a tidal wave of speculation – with most of it flooding Red Bull’s way.

The Austrian team has ambition, money, cause for optimism next season and – reportedly – no problem with giving Alonso the one-year contract he is said to want. But it also has one of the grid’s better driver pairings already under contract for next season.


The team is staying tight-lipped about its plans – the only comment to have leaked into the British press so far could be read either way: “It’s pretty much unprecedented to have a double world champion on the market in November,” a team source told The Guardian, “but we currently have Mark Webber and David Coulthard under contract for 2008.”

It’s anyone’s guess whether that rules out a move for Alonso, or whether the key word is “currently”.

Little more can be gleaned from owner Dietrich Mateschitz’s comments to papers in Germany and Austria, except that he’s flattered by the assumption his team is a credible player in the market.

He told Salzburger Nachrichten “there are always talks everywhere and with everyone,” but also stressed the existing team contract situation. And his response to Bild was similar: “In formula one, nothing is for sure.”

Certainly, if anything’s happening then no-one’s told the holidaying Coulthard. He took a resolute line with Salzburger Nachrichten: “If Red Bull intends to get Alonso, I am sure I would know about it. So I doubt that it is happening.”

His management took a similar view with The Guardian: “We haven’t heard a word. The team has an obligation to enter David in next year’s championship and, if they are moving for Fernando, I’d like to think we would know.”


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