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F1: new regulations leave DC unimpressed


Racing is unlikely to be improved as a spectacle in 2009 because new regulations fail to help drivers run close to their rivals, veteran driver David Coulthard has warned.

The Scot was one of a number of drivers who tested at Barcelona with simulated 2009 downforce levels and Bridgestone’s latest slick tyres – and he reckons the changes miss the point.


He acknowledged the new regulations have the effect of shifting the balance from aerodynamic grip towards the mechanical kind from tyres, but doesn’t think that’s enough.

“That in itself I don’t believe will unleash closer racing. Because when we race in Canada or Monza in low downforce, you still suffer the effects of loss of downforce when you follow another car.

“So we need to gain an ability to run in dirty air before you are going to see a transformation in the racing.”

Interviewed in a podcast by Autosport, he said the existing strong teams would remain at the front.

For example, Ferrari are currently fastest and should stay that way: “A consequence of lower downforce is that you have got higher top speeds, which means everybody gains relative to how much downforce they lose – so again there is a bit of stalemate there.”


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