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F1: Martin Brundle answers viewers’ questions

Over at ITV F1.com it’s Martin Brundle’s turn to answer viewers’ questions.

And this week brings a particularly interesting batch as the veteran F1 racer has just taken to the track for the first time in seven years to compete against his son in the open-wheel Formula Palmer Audi series.


He certainly seems to have enjoyed the experience, saying: “There are many reasons why I drove the Palmer Audi, one of which was to gauge the quality of the youngsters, including my son Alex. I have to say I was very impressed with their level of determination and commitment.

“Sometimes there is a naivety about their overtaking moves, but they stick with some unorthodox lines and approaches and often seem to make them pay off. They are more open-minded about how to overtake and it was fascinating to watch.

“They certainly take no prisoners and they are very aggressive but, as ever, the weaving is too much and they need to be reprimanded before they hurt each other as in any junior level motorsport.

“What simply amazed me was how quickly they learn circuits, even those as challenging as Spa.

“I suspect that, like Alex, they watched some YouTube, played the Sony PlayStation, did a few laps in a Caterham or Formula Ford the day before practice and then by lap three were flat-out at Eau Rouge and Blanchimont at 150mph.”

Actually, we read another interview straight afterwards in which he cited the sheer pleasure of racing at Spa as a major reason for getting back into a racing car – and who could argue with that?

But Formula Palmer Audi isn’t the only thing to be discussed. Also on viewer’s minds are questions of whether modern F1 drivers have it easy, what is the most challenging car to race, plus slipstream versus dirty air.

You can catch the whole discussion here >>


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