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F1: FIA inspectors visit McLaren HQ


If you were hoping that the inter-team feuding had finished along with the 2007 season then you are set to be sorely disappointed – we don’t advise you to read any further.

Today a team of technical and legal experts acting on behalf of the FIA have taken a day trip out to Woking to examine the design of the 2008 McLaren Mercedes car.


We hope they had nice weather for it.

This follows in the wake of public threats by Max Mosley to start the team off on a negative points tally in 2008 or even to stop them racing completely if their car contains any elements that can be traced back to Ferrari.

McLaren have confirmed that they were expecting the inspection and said they would co-operate fully.

According to the BBC, a spokesman said the initial plan had been to present any evidence found to the World Motor Sport Council meeting on 7 December but that he did not know whether a report would be ready by then.

That’s the day after allegations of spying against Renault are due to be heard in Monaco – so it’s anyone’s guess what will happen now.

Our view: McLaren are obviously guilty as sin, as pointed out by poster Bobby_M on the BBC’s 606 forum: “I can’t help but notice the similarity in geometric shape of the wheels on this year’s McLaren car and that of Ferrari’s. And is it coincidental they chose to use the same number of these devices?”

Obvious, innit? The FIA can only properly discharge its duty to be fair to Ferrari by banning McLaren from having wheels…


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