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F1: Ferrari and McLaren declare peace


Here’s an odd bit of news – Spygate’s reportedly reared its head again, albeit in the form of an announcement from Ferrari and McLaren that they have formally settled their differences.

No press release on the McLaren website when we looked, but Autosport.com has the following story:


Ferrari, McLaren bring closure to spy row

In separate statements issued by McLaren and Ferrari on Friday morning, the teams confirmed that they had sorted out all outstanding issues in a bid to allow both of them and F1 to move on.

“In light of the formal closure in December 2007 of the FIA and FIA World Motor Sport Council proceedings against McLaren, and of McLaren’s public apology to Ferrari which we have reiterated, Ferrari and McLaren have agreed to bring the various disputes between them in relation to this matter to a final conclusion,” said a statement from McLaren.

“McLaren have also agreed to the reimbursement of Ferrari’s costs and expenses relating to these matters and a concluding payment.”

Ferrari welcomed McLaren’s actions and said they would donate the money they received from their rivals to good causes. Read full story here…

Clearly this is an extremely welcome development. With one McLaren and two Ferrari drivers all tied on 48 points, we are looking at a thrilling second half to the F1 season.

We look forward to the teams sorting it out on the track this year instead of conducting their affairs in a courtroom.


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