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F1: Concorde negotiations are warming up

We’ve all had our eyes on some thrilling racing since the British Grand Prix – but there are still some political developments going on in F1 that are worth keeping in touch with. Here’s our quick guide:

  • As widely reported this week, the 10 F1 teams have been to a meeting hosted at Ferrari’s Maranello headquarters. Bernie Ecclestone and Donald McKenzie from the sport’s commercial rights owners CVC Capital Partners were also present. As a result the teams have set up a new body, the Formula One Teams Association, to present a united front in the negotiation of a new Concorde Agreement.
  • Meanwhile, Max Mosley has set out the FIA’s stall. He is offering more revenue to the teams, wants more control over the sport’s operational aspects and seeks to retain a veto over who the commercial rights can be sold to – he’s apparently willing to do a deal on these last two issues, however. Bernie Ecclestone, perhaps unsurprisingly, is quite happy with things as they are.
  • It looks like the entry grid for the 2009 season will comprise 10 teams, just like 2008. Normally the deadline for submitting an entry would be in November, and last time there was keen competition for the 12th spot on the grid, from a host of past and would-be future team principals. Prodrive chief David Richards, who formerly ran BAR to popular acclaim, was awarded the slot but then declined the opportunity to race thanks to a row about the legality of customer cars. This year the FIA brought the deadline forward and it has now passed with no suggestion that any new players have thrown their hats into the ring.


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