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Silverstone Classic: Guinness World Record confirmed


It’s official – the largest-ever parade of Jaguar cars took place at this year’s Silverstone Classic, according to Guinness World Records.

During the July event no fewer than 767 Jaguar E-types took part in a special parade lap of the Grand Prix circuit in a celebration of the marque’s 50th birthday.


The car was first produced in 1961 and more than 1,000 E-types were present at Silverstone on the day to celebrate its anniversary.

More than 800 E-types actually took to the track – but organisers point out that the record of 767 is based on the number of participating cars meeting the strict record verification criteria. Event director Nick Wigley described it as “an incredible sight”.

Among the parade were famous E-types with registration numbers 9600 HP, 77 RW and 848 CRY as well as the Lindner/Nocker low-drag racer:

  • 9600 HP is the oldest surviving E-type and the only 1960 prototype in existence. It was the original launch car, the 150 mph road test car and the subject of the book The Most Famous Car in the World.
  • 77 RW is the earliest surviving production roadster and an original press car. 848 CRY was the twelfth roadster produced and the most active racing E-type in 1961; it also appeared in the film “The Italian Job”.
  • The Lindner/Nocker low-drag lightweight racer was one of the 12 original Lightweight E-types, raced in 1963/64 by Peter Lindner and Peter Nocker and the subject of a famous recent restoration.

This year’s Silverstone Classic is expected to take place on July 20-22. For more information, visit its website here.


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