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23 Mar 2008: F1: Raikkonen eats into Hamilton’s lead

Two races into the F1 season – and already the hottest topic is which of F1’s leading championship contenders is keeping his nose ahead in the points battle. And, after the Malaysian Grand Prix, the momentum undoubtedly lies with Kimi Raikkonen.

23 Mar 2008: F1: Malaysian GP in six words

Following on from last week’s bit of fun, summing up everyone’s performances in Australia in just six words per driver or team, here’s our look at the winners and losers in Malaysia.

23 Mar 2008: F1: Malaysian Grand Prix live blog

It’s hot and humid and just possibly rainy in Malaysia – and it’s snowing here at home as we crawl out of bed and get ready to go with the second Grand Prix of the season.

22 Mar 2008: F1: Hamilton penalised in Malaysia qualifying

A cluster of British drivers will start the Malaysian Grand Prix from the middle of the field – with very mixed feelings about how they ended up there.

21 Mar 2008: Motormouth MP lashes out at BBC F1 deal

Labour MP Andrew MacKinlay has thrown a bucket of cold water on the BBC’s celebrations at regaining the rights to show Formula One by claiming it wasn’t a real sport and should be on commercial TV.

21 Mar 2008: F1: when to watch the Malaysian GP in the UK

Wondering what time to get yourself in front of the telly or radio for the latest round in the F1 championship? Here are the broadcast times for the stations covering the Malaysian Grand Prix in the UK.

20 Mar 2008: F1: BBC grabs broadcast rights from next year

F1 coverage is moving back to the BBC from next year after Bernie Ecclestone approached the broadcaster to negotiate a new five-year deal.

18 Mar 2008: F1: our Grand Prix League 2008 standings

Well, we promised that we’d tell you how we’re doing in McLaren’s Grand Prix League 2008 contest, and here we are. Team BritsOnPole pulled in 343 points from the Australian Grand Prix, placing us 1,390th out of 18,237 players.

18 Mar 2008: F1: Stewart predicts major crash is due

Former F1 world champion Sir Jackie Stewart has made an uncompromising call for young, successful drivers like Lewis Hamilton and Kimi Raikkonen to help maintain the sport’s impressive safety record. He says the gap of nearly 14 years since a driver was killed has led to complacency – and that, when a serious accident inevitably happens, the current crop of youngsters will be unable to deal with the consequences.

18 Mar 2008: F1: Australian GP team and driver quotes

A cool-headed Lewis Hamilton has triumphed in an Australian Grand Prix which saw mechanical failure, driver error, racing incidents and a bitter battle of attrition in the 50-degree heat purge the field of all but six finishers.

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