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Bring Williams F1 engineering to your back garden…


There are marketing tie-ins that really boost your brand image, and then there are the others…

Here’s the first paragraph of a press release from Williams that’s doing the rounds this morning:


British ride-on lawnmower manufacturer, Countax Ltd., have launched a new Williams Formula One Team model at this years’ Chelsea Flower Show. The new Williams FW-4WD is equipped with a 16hp twin cylinder engine, and with 4WD capability, this new mower has been designed to cut and collect grass on slopes up to 30, and in marshy areas of the garden where greater traction is required.

This may explain rather a lot about the recent performance of certain cars. At least we know one team will be well-equipped if it rains in Montreal and the track develops marshy areas.

Now, we need to go and find out if there’s a Subaru WRC-themed one that we can buy ;- ))


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