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21 Aug 2008: F1: Regulator accepts ITV’s apology for Brundle’s ‘pikey’ remark

The broadcasting regulator Ofcom says it intends to take no further action after ITV apologised for Martin Brundle’s use of the word ‘pikey’ during the run-in to the Canadian Grand Prix.

9 Jul 2008: F1: is this what we can expect from the BBC next year?

The BBC has announced how it plans to cover MotoGP now its contract has been extended – can we glean any hints from this as to what it’s got in mind for F1?

9 Jun 2008: F1: Brundle in trouble after ‘pikey’ grid remark

Whoops – Lewis Hamilton wasn’t the only one with a red face in the aftermath of the Canadian Grand Prix this morning. Martin Brundle is is trouble for using the distinctly un-PC term ‘pikeys’ to describe the people repairing the damaged track surface.

4 Jun 2008: F1: Martin Brundle answers viewers’ questions

Over at ITV it’s Martin Brundle’s turn to answer viewers’ questions. And this week brings a particularly interesting batch as the veteran F1 racer has just taken to the track for the first time in seven years to compete against his son in the open-wheel Formula Palmer Audi series.

22 May 2008: FPA: Brundle races for first time in seven years

Here’s a story that we’ve had earmarked for a while – the news that Martin Brundle has made his first return to competitive track racing since he drove for Bentley in the Le Mans 24 Hours event in 2001.

25 Apr 2008: F1: Brundle’s views on the season so far

There’s an interesting analysis by Martin Brundle on the ITV F1 website, covering what he thinks of the season so far – and what he thinks might be the hot prospects for the next few races.

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