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26 Oct 2007: GP2: are Carroll and Minardi a match made in heaven?

Adam Carroll’s been making a bit of a splash recently after a cracking test at Jerez for Minardi Piquet Sports.

26 Oct 2007: GP2: Existing teams will return next year

It’s as you were, chaps, for the next three GP2 seasons, according to an announcement made last week by the series organisers.

26 Oct 2007: GP2: Stars take part in UK charity kart race

To everyone out there who’s looking towards the off-season with dismay – and thinking it’s an awful long time until next year’s British grand prix, or even the A1GP race at Brands Hatch.

26 Oct 2007: A1GP: Team GB is, er, third again

So, what’s been happening in the thrilling world of A1GP while we all had our eyes on Lewis Hamilton? Time for a bit of a catch-up.

24 Oct 2007: Champ Car: Is Wilson’s next drive at N/H/L?

Rumours that Justin Wilson is a driver of choice for the Newman/Haas/Lanigan racing team next year have been given a bit of a boost recently – courtesy of Sebastien Bourdais’ race engineer.

24 Oct 2007: Champ Car: Bourdais wins, Wilson is runner-up

Justin Wilson is celebrating a cracking end to his Champ Car season after finishing in the runner-up position behind Sebastien Bourdais.

24 Oct 2007: F1: Button acknowledges ‘the only way is up’ for Honda

Jenson Button says he’s a stronger man for the struggles he’s had with his pig of a Honda RA107 (also known as The Car That Cannot Win Sponsors) this year.

24 Oct 2007: F1: Lewis Hamilton wins gold star from BRDC

Lewis Hamilton might not be F1 world champion this year, but at least there’s a consolation prize on offer – in the form of a (literal) gold star from the British Racing Drivers’ Club. The boy wonder has been awarded the BRDC’s 2007 Gold Star award, handed over for his outstanding contribution to motorsport.

24 Oct 2007: F1: And then he said…

This is the story of two F1 teams, McLaren Mercedes and Scuderia Ferrari. These are the McLaren drivers, and these are from Ferrari, and this is F1 soap… keeping us all unreasonably entertained well into the off-season.

22 Oct 2007: F1: Hamilton distances himself from “cruel” appeal

Britain’s Lewis Hamilton wants to win the world championship on the race track, not in the appeal court, and says it would be “a bit cruel” if Raikkonen lost the title because of McLaren’s protest.

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