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GP2: Existing teams will return next year

It’s as you were, chaps, for the next three GP2 seasons, according to an announcement made last week by the series organisers.

What’s known as the ‘second generation’ of the championship, set to run from 2008 to 2010, is going to consist of the same lineup we’ve all got used to over the last couple of seasons. But, just for the record, they are:

  • Arden International
  • ART Grand Prix
  • BCN Competicion
  • Campos Grand Prix
  • DAMS
  • DPR
  • Durango
  • Fisichella Motorsport International
  • iSport International
  • Minardi Piquet Sports
  • Racing Engineering
  • Super Nova Racing
  • Trident Racing

The status quo is being maintained despite organisers receiving more than 30 applications by teams interested in one of the 13 grid slots.

Bruno Michel, series organiser, said: “The final 20 proposals were subjected to a number of checks regarding the teams’ sporting history, their financial stability, proposed sponsorship foundation and ability to market both themselves and the series.

“Although making such a decision was incredibly difficult, as a series organiser it was a remarkably fulfilling experience to see so many strong proposals. It shows just how far the GP2 Series has come in three years, and just how much people want to be a part of it.”

When asked why he’d decided on the same 13 teams, he said: “I believe [they] have done a very good job over the last three years. This season, for example, we saw ten different teams winning races.

“Those who did not manage to make the top step of the podium however have shown through their proposals that they are seriously committed to making that step forward and are putting all the necessary changes in place to consistently challenge at the front in the second generation.

“Second, from a financial point of view, every one of the existing teams has finished the first generation of the GP2 Series in a stronger financial position from when they started.

“Third, loyalty. The GP2 Series has become something of a community and at this moment I feel I should be loyal towards the teams who have believed in this series from the beginning.”

He said that he was not concerned about complacency and that he believed the prospect of another shake-up in 2010 would be enough to keep them on their toes.

Organisers have also recently announced that the series car has passed essential FIA safety checks for the upcoming seasons.

The GP2/08 has passed tests in a number of areas, including the survival cell, front and rear roll hoops, front and rear impact structures and the steering column.


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