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3 Nov 2007: F1: Red Bull gives you – nothing much to go on, actually

The lack of hard information about Fernando Alonso’s 2008 plans has triggered a tidal wave of speculation – with most of it flooding Red Bull’s way.

3 Nov 2007: A1GP: Jarvis, not Kerr, for Malaysia

Robbie Kerr will not get the chance to score a third consecutive Malaysia podium as Oliver Jarvis has been picked to drive there for Team GBR on November 25th.

3 Nov 2007: Franchitti’s tin-top troubles

Dario Franchitti is finding the stripped-down driving of NASCAR a rude awakening compared with life in the telemetry-rich IndyCar series where he was champion last season.

2 Nov 2007: F1: The most optimistic man in motorsport?

You may not of heard of him before but Manfred Zimmerman, manager to Spyker driver Adrian Sutil, undoubtedly deserves the title.

2 Nov 2007: F1: Webber ‘more likely than Coulthard to leave Red Bull’

David Coulthard is not the person most likely to leave Red Bull to make way for an incoming Fernando Alonso, according to one analysis of the newly-volatile drivers’ market. Instead, it is suggested, Mark Webber is finally on his way to Renault at the instigation of his manager – Flavio Briatore.

2 Nov 2007: F1: Mosley manages a positive moment

There was one nice moment in FIA president Max Mosley’s recent splenetic outburst against Lewis Hamilton, McLaren and anyone else with the audacity to believe Ferrari shouldn’t just be handed the drivers’ and constructors’ trophies on the podium in Albert Park next spring.

2 Nov 2007: F1: Hamilton on the price of fame

For those of you that are getting a bit sick of hearing about Lewis Hamilton – well, don’t make the mistake of thinking this young man has it easy.

2 Nov 2007: F1: Clarkson asks Hamilton: ‘why Switzerland?’

Lewis Hamilton was a surprise guest at this year’s National TV Awards, where he appeared to hand over a special award to Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson.

2 Nov 2007: F1: What Alonso’s McLaren departure could mean for the Brits

And they’re off! Usually the musical chairs start a lot earlier in the season. But Ferrari’s decision to re-sign Massa coupled with Alonso’s late departure from McLaren have finally kicked things off – after the last Grand Prix is long behind us. What does all this mean for the famous and the lesser-known British drivers competing for seats in Formula One? Ladies and gentlemen, please place your bets…

2 Nov 2007: Opinion: Time for F1’s Mosley to draw his pension

We were saddened, but not at all surprised, to hear Max Mosley’s latest outburst – this time against Lewis Hamilton. We think that, rather than provoking accusations that the sport is becoming boring, Hamilton has electrified fans in the UK.

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