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8 Nov 2007: F1: Prodrive’s debut looks increasingly unlikely

The possibility of F1 having a full grid of 12 teams next year is looking increasingly unlikely as the odds of Prodrive making it to Melbourne in March recede into the distance.

8 Nov 2007: F1: rumours about DC’s future abound

Ugly rumours that we very much don’t want to countenance here at Brits on Pole are starting to surface regarding David Coulthard’s future with Red Bull Racing.

8 Nov 2007: F1: Hamilton picks up ‘coveted’ German award

Consolation prizes are coming thick and fast to season runner-up Lewis Hamilton, who has been presented with a prestigious Golden Steering Wheel award by a German newspaper.

8 Nov 2007: F1: FIA inspectors visit McLaren HQ

If you were hoping that the inter-team feuding had finished along with the 2007 season then you are set to be sorely disappointed – we don’t advise you to read any further.

8 Nov 2007: F1: Renault to face spy row hearing

He may yet get his man – but is the McLaren spying row about to blow up in Flavio Briatore’s face? Renault has today been summoned to explain itself in front of the FIA over allegations that it was in possession last season of confidential information belonging to McLaren.

8 Nov 2007: Champ Car: Wilson nominated to defend award

Justin Wilson, currently second in the Champ Car standings with a race to go, has been named in the four-driver shortlist for the 2007 Greg Moore Legacy Award which he won last year.

6 Nov 2007: F1: Alonso’s replacement – what the markets think

So, if the pundits and insiders haven’t got much news for us on the 2008 F1 drivers’ saga, how about the bookies?

6 Nov 2007: F1: Jenson Button puts a brave face on 2007 season

At the height of the Ferrari/McLaren spy row, Ron Dennis said: “I don’t need my character building any more.” You really do wonder if Jenson Button might soon be saying the same, if Honda don’t make some pretty rapid improvements in the off-season.

6 Nov 2007: Champ Car 2008 won’t be in Britain. Probably.

Champ Car has added an extra European race for its newly-released 2008 schedule – but anyone hoping to see the likes of Justin Wilson and Katherine Legge race before their home fans is in for a disappointment.

5 Nov 2007: F1: Schumi to McLaren? or Sutil? It’s all got rather silly

Brits on Pole would just like confirm that neither of its editorial team will be signing with McLaren to partner Lewis Hamilton next season. And if you’re not either, then that makes three of us. The rest of the world, we’re not so sure about.

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