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2 Nov 2008: F1: Brazilian Grand Prix in six words

Well, that was squeaky-bum time for every Lewis Hamilton and McLaren fan in the country. But, now our powers of communication are restored, here are our six-word summaries of what happened for race, drivers and teams.

19 Oct 2008: F1: Chinese Grand Prix in six words

A race in which a dozen things could have gone wrong – and which turned out to be thankfully processional. Get Brits on Pole’s 60-second rundown on what you need to know about the Chinese Grand Prix.

12 Oct 2008: F1: Japanese Grand Prix in six words

A race that, despite fantastic performances among the middle-order drivers, only served to underline the fact that F1 is a business, not a sport – and the experience of European or North American fans in particular is currently a very long way down its list of priorities. Get a 60-second briefing as to why…

28 Sep 2008: F1: Singapore Grand Prix in six words

By rights there should be lengthy inquests at some team HQs following this race – not least Ferrari, Toyota and Red Bull. However, we’ve done a quick version. Read on…

14 Sep 2008: F1: Italian Grand Prix in six words

A brilliant first victory by Toro Rosso’s Sebastian Vettel, the youngest man ever to win a grand prix, has made up for a lot of the disappointment felt by fans following Spa. To get an effort-free low-down on how everyone else did, read on.

7 Sep 2008: F1: Belgian Grand Prix in six words

With a rain-hit finish and a controversial stewards’ decision, a lot of words will be written about this race. Save yourself the work of reading them with our six-word guide to every team and driver.

24 Aug 2008: F1: European Grand Prix in six words

Not much happened on track in Valencia, but Ferrari’s pitlane perils and Lewis Hamilton’s near-withdrawal on health grounds meant there was still plenty to talk about. As usual, we’ve compressed the performance of each driver and team down to just six words.

3 Aug 2008: F1: Hungarian Grand Prix in six words

It was a race that featured spectacular engine failures, blazing fuelling rigs, sudden punctures and Formula One’s 100th winner – a busy afternoon, but we’ve summarised every team and driver in just six words each.

22 Jun 2008: F1: French Grand Prix in six words

Raikkonen’s mechanical woes and Trulli’s desperate defending meant that what might have been a processional race retained interest to the end. Here are our six word summaries of how all the drivers and teams performed.

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