Superleague Formula tickets go on sale: don’t all rush at once

By Andy Darley

CalendarSaturday, July 5th, 2008


Tickets for the first round of Superleague Formula’s launch season at Donington Park are now on sale, priced at £20 and upwards.

Superleague Formula, which styles itself “the beautiful race”, is a strange mix of soccer and motor racing, featuring 20 standardised 750hp V-12 open-wheel cars branded to tie in with different European football teams.

So far 13 clubs have been signed up, with Glasgow Rangers the only British entry. Other famous names to commit themselves include AC Milan, Anderlecht, Galatasaray SK, PSV Eindhoven and FC Porto.

All six races in the inaugural season are in Europe, beginning with Donington Park on the weekend of August 30-31, but the series hopes to expand into South America and Asia in the future.

Tickets for the two-day event range from £20 for a weekend pass, while a weekend advance purchase ticket for a family of two adults and two children is £70.

Each round of the SF championship will be staged as a two-day event with teams contesting two 50 minute races on the Sunday, the first race being at 11am with the second run using a reverse grid and starting at 2pm.

Series boss Alex Andreu said: “After many years of planning and development and a very intensive past 12 months, we are delighted to open ticket sales for our first event

“We have had daily calls and emails enquiring about ticket sales from right across Europe. We have a lot of new fans to motorsport that are really looking forward to seeing their club colours in action at more than 300km/h.”

Tickets are available from the Donington Park site here. We don’t imagine many Celtic fans will be buying…

One response to “Superleague Formula tickets go on sale: don’t all rush at once”:

  1. marc Says:

    July 5th, 2008 at 9:21 pm


    Where does the line start so I can reverse direction if needed?

    Less than 6 weeks from the inaugral event only about three drivers have been confirmed. And with the series butting up against GP2 and A1GP on some weekends you have to ask what quality driver can they expect to have.

    And the follow on question is, how can the obviously less experianced drivers handle a 12 cylinder car.

    If SuperLeague makes it past the first year I’ll be wildly surprised.

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