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Mark Grain: the view from the McLaren garage

The chance to see what goes on behind the scenes at a Grand Prix is something that every single Formula One fan would love and precious few actually get.

But McLaren have made the whole process that little bit more transparent with the release of a three-part video diary from assistant race team chief mechanic Mark Grain.


In these three clips Mark takes you through his race weekend at the German Grand Prix, explains what his job involves and gives a bit of an insight into life at the cutting edge of Formula One. Here they are:

Part one – a week before the race

With less than seven days to go to departure the team’s working to a tight schedule getting all the latest development parts ready and onto the cars.

Part two – at the Nurburgring

It’s the Thursday preceding the race weekend and the team has to focus hard to complete all its pre-race checks and to prepare fully for the event ahead.

Part three – race day

Finally – race day. A third-row qualification has generated a lot of excitement among the McLaren staff members who have had to get used to several unaccustomed Q1 exits this season. What will qualification and the race bring?


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