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IRL: Walk a mile in Darren Manning’s shoes


A charity internet auction of IndyCar drivers’ racegear and other memorabilia is entering its closing stages – with little interest and fewer bids.

The auctions are being run on the website of the Clothes Off Our Back Foundation, an American charity that raises money for underprivileged children by auctioning celebrity donations. Proceeds will also help charities in America supported by Honda, which provides the engines for IRL cars.


A flag from the Indy Japan 300, signed by race winner Danica Patrick, has attracted brisk bidding since it was added to the auction on April 22 and currently stands at $650 with little more than three days left.

But plenty of other items have been available since the beginning of April without attracting a single bid – most dramatically a mounted Honda V8 Indy Cam Cover, signed by all 27 of this year’s IndyCar drivers.

Darren Manning fans could, if they wished, bid for his race shoes, gloves and undershirt – listed as three separate lots, all worn during races, all autographed, and all with no bids so far.

It has to be said, the expected opening bids are pretty hefty – from $50 for Marty Roth’s autographed race helmet visor to $1000 for the cam cover – but the same is true for a parallel auction of shoes worn in Dancing With the Stars, and bidding there seems fierce (Julianne Hough‘s are up to $500 with 12 days left, and they’re not even a pair she wore dancing with Helio Castroneves).

Should you be interested, you can go and bid on the Clothes Off Our Back Foundation website here.


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