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GP2: Could you design Minardi’s new livery?

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Fancy seeing your spiffing new racing car design streaking round some of the world’s most famous circuits? Then you need to enter the competition to come up with the new Minardi Piquet Sport livery.

To take part, you need to download a template from the team website and, essentially, colour it in. It’s recommended that you use Minardi’s traditional colours of dark blue, yellow and white.


Whatever medium you want to use is acceptable, whether it’s graphics software, pencils, watercolours – or anything else you like. Even crayons are acceptable!

All designs should be sent to the following e-mail address: minardiblog@racegarage.it

For more information, visit the official team blog. Thankfully the relevant entry is repeated in English (more or less).

As the team says: “Have fun and, of course: ‘Forza Minardi!’”


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