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GP2 blog: just don’t forget to tip…


Fancy a lap of the Hockenheim circuit with Mike Conway, GP2’s sole British racer, at the wheel acting as an official taxi-driver?

That’s exactly what some lucky fans and journalists got, according to the series’ blog, which has just been updated following the latest round in the championship.


Writer David Cameron takes up the story:

Giorgio Pantano and Javier Villa jumped at the opportunity, along with Bruno Senna, Karun Chandhok, Luca Filippi and Mike Conway, and they were all soon lined up on the track ready to go.

Giorgio was his usual gregarious self, making everyone in the vicinity laugh by blurting out whatever came into his head before he took off, but the organisers soon realised they needed to pay lip service to safety and told Javi to don a helmet before heading out with Alastair onboard to take a few shots.

The helmet last through the first turn before he deftly flicked it onto the back seat and, laughing, hit turn two hard as Al held on tight and snapped away.

Will Buxton got a ride when Luca asked him if he wanted to squeeze a quick lap in: he jumped at the opportunity before coming back pale but laughing out loud as another photographer followed him in with Mike: “That was awesome!” was Will’s considered opinion, while the photographer went even further, noting “they don’t fuck about, do they? Bloody hell, he was shifting!”

Read the full story, and learn about all the other goings-on in the Hockenheim paddock, here >>


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