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F1: Williams ‘seeks to make a broader contribution’

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The Williams F1 team has set up a not-for-profit foundation designed to promote education, energy efficiency and road safety, with its initial project set to take place in the African nation of Angola.

The team is partnering with the private investment group Ridge Solutions which is concerned with real estate, agriculture and other sectors of the Angolan economy.


The team says: “Williams F1 has identified three key areas in which it will seek to make a broader contribution to society, namely education, energy-efficiency and road safety.

“These areas have been chosen because they are close to, and consistent with, Williams F1’s core activities of racing and engineering.

“As such initiatives can only be promoted on the ground and with local partners, the Williams Foundation will establish relationships with private companies, Non-Govermental Organisations (NGOs) and government agencies worldwide.”

The Foundation is working with Angola’s Ministry of Sports as well as the Fundo LWINI, a major charity whose programmes include tackling the country’s landmine legacy through the provision of medical assistance, rehabilitation and training programmes to reintegrate victims back into society.

The Fund also provides support for a large number of people rendered disabled through road traffic accidents every year on Angola’s roads.

Another partner is Angola’s COCAN2010 campaign which was awarded the 27th African Cup of Nations football tournament, a project which is set unite 16 African nations next January.

The team’s cars carried appropriate branding on their cars at the European Grand Prix. It will remain in place for the rest of the season.

Williams F1 Chief Executive Adam Parr said: “We are delighted to be establishing the Williams Foundation in Angola in partnership with Ridge Solutions. Angola is a wonderful country which has a strong programme of social and economic development following many difficult years.

“Road safety and education are important challenges for the people of Angola and we are pleased to be able to provide assistance in these areas. Motor sports offer opportunities for the country to develop both on the sporting front and economically and Williams are proud to be a part of the endeavour.”


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