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F1: Silverstone redeemed from ninth circle of hell

So, the signs are that, despite all his erstwhile fulminations against Silverstone, Bernie Ecclestone is beginning to soften very, very slightly towards the idea of future grands prix there.

Or maybe he’s just starting to contemplate digging his way out of the bloody great hole that’s opened up under the Donington plan – and we don’t mean the tunnel under the track, either.


Ecclestone has recently told The Times newspaper that he will talk to Silverstone again if the circuit can show that it can upgrade its facilities.

He is quoted as saying: “If they were to do what they should have done, and what we’ve been asking them to do for five years, we’d have to have a look at it. We’ve got nothing against Silverstone.”

Nothing against Silverstone? Wait… but… how about…

Whatever, Bernie.

That’s a little different from “Never again!” or “It’s Donington or nothing!” which are the sentiments the recently-straitened billionaire has uttered in the past when quizzed on this

Most interesting of all was an aside from Eddie Jordan made during the BBC’s coverage of the Bahrain Grand Prix on Saturday.

And here, thanks to the magic of iPlayer, is the quote (24-5 minutes into the quali broadcast): “Interesting to hear what Bernie Ecclestone had to say, that we would never go back to Silverstone, because that’s the clearest indication that we will be going back to Silverstone.

“He’s the master of the curveball… he always works in reverse, everyone who has ever had to get money from him or plead with him knows the answer to that. I thought that was quite encouraging in some respects.

“If he says it so emphatically… you know for sure it will happen.”

Whatever happens next, it seems sure that this one has a very long way to travel yet.


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