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F1 quotes: Jense nails it


Nice one, Jense! This, from an Autosport.com story on that familiar tale of how Lewis Hamilton might have mistaken his F1 car for a dodgem once too often in recent races.

Button is denying that drivers are ganging up in the paddock to steal the Boy Wonder’s pocket money. And, in the process, he takes this wonderful swipe at Fernando Alonso who has been explaining to all comers how he thinks anyone but Hamilton should win the drivers’ title:


“Alonso is only saying what he has said because he just wants a reaction from everyone. He is not in the championship, so he just wants a bit of action. It’s quite comical really.”

Don’t you just love it when someone hits the nail so squarely on the head? It certainly looks like Button will be fighting his corner should Alonso move to Honda and start buggering about there.


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