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F1 quotes: crossing over onto the terraces


Here at Brits on Pole we’re unashamed fans of BBC Sport’s Quotes of the Week feature.

(And we do like to send in some of the sillier hostages to fortune and unintentional innuendoes committed by F1 drivers and commentators on radio and TV. And we get unreasonably excited when they appear.)


Having a furtive look at this week’s offering, when we really should have been concentrating on posting those hot quotes from Jense, we found the following, which we thought we would share:

Winner comes from the Chants of the Week section, which reports live from the nation’s terraces:

“Where’s your Hamilton – where’s your Hamilton?” – Salisbury fans at Stevenage for a FA Cup qualifying match after Hamilton announced he was leaving the UK for Switzerland.

Never mind the hype – the Boy Wonder’s so popular that he’s made the crossover into football!

And this is worth an honourable mention, since Jense is in the news today anyway:

“Bus-stop near Bristol, you’re just a bus-stop near Bristol” – Bishop Stortford fans responding to taunts from their Weston-super-Mare opponents

OK, we know it’s strictly Frome, not Weston that he hails from. But it’s pretty damn close. We know things have been rough for him recently. But, as a metaphor for his career to date… let’s not go there…


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