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F1: Hamilton makes career-long commitment to McLaren


One thing’s for sure in the uncertain F1 driver market – Lewis Hamilton’s staying put, and is quite happy about it.

Hamilton told BBC Radio 5Live: “I don’t know how long I will be in Formula One but the team I am with right now is the only team I want to be with.


“I know the guys so well and I had a great season. They gave me a great opportunity. I want to win world championships and I want to win it for them.

“I see my career ending with them. I don’t feel there is anywhere else to go. When you are in Formula One there are the top teams and I believe McLaren is a top team, so why would I make a sidestep or a back step to any other team?”

Given his performance this season, and the amount of time and money the team has invested in him so far, we’re pretty sure they’ll be pleased to have him too.

But this is the kind of certainty you only really possess when you’re in your early 20s – and haven’t learned yet how things don’t always turn out as you expect.

Just ask your colleague Jenson Button…


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