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F1 quotes: Bernie calls Ferrari ‘clowns’

Here’s a quote we just can’t resist – the perfect thing to raise not just a smile on a chilly Monday morning in the Brits on Pole office, but a loud series of guffaws.

People in Formula One’s top tier, it would seem, are not reading from the same script at the moment after Ferrari boss Luca di Montezemolo vented his frustration at his team’s abject performance in Singapore.


Last week he called the event ‘a circus’ and implied that, never mind that the spectators loved it, because Ferrari had performed so badly then Formula One must have suffered a humiliation. Read his quotes here >>

It turns out that Bernie Ecclestone is seriously underwhelmed with this public roasting of his shiny new replacement Monaco Singapore Grand Prix – reportedly worth no less than £60 million to him (unlike Monaco, where he doesn’t hold all the rights).

He told the Mail on Sunday this weekend:

“If the Ferrari president is right about the Singapore Grand Prix being a circus, then we have to be grateful to him for providing the clowns.

“After the weekend Ferrari had, their president should have shut up and kept his head down. If Massa loses the world championship, he will know the team were responsible.”

Blimey. And there’s more, including the description of whoever designed Ferrari’s controversial pit light system, that has so far gone wrong twice at moments of high pressure for championship contender Felipe Massa, as “a smart-arse”.

Oh come on, Bernie. Do be reasonable.

Ferrari would rather not talk about silly little incidents like these. Hadn’t you heard?

Read the full piece here >>


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