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F1: Jenson Button’s hidden talents

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Well, who knew? If motor racing ever palls for Jenson Button, he can always give endurance sports a go instead.

We read that Britain’s former favourite racing driver is reported to be taking part in the NOKIA Royal Windsor Triathlon, due to take place in sunny Berkshire on Sunday June 15 – that’s midway between the Canadian and the French grands prix.


Now, the triathlon is a tough sport, requiring participants to complete a course with consecutive running, cycling and swimming stages.

Apparently Jenson is no slouch at this, competing regularly and coming pretty high up the score sheet.

A quick visit to the race’s entrant list confirms that he is indeed slated to take part.

We’re quite genuinely impressed. This has a reputation as one of the tougher British triathlon events and we wish him every success in two weeks’ time.

And we think he should definitely be eyeing the next Mark Webber Pure Tasmania Challenge


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