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F1: It’s Brundle to the Beeb


F1 fans worrying that they might have to face the new season without the wit, insight and occasional dogged determination of Martin Brundle, fear not!

He has, according to one report, confirmed that he’s on the BBC’s books for next year. But we’re still hoping that they send his bloody grid walk to its well-deserved rest.


Attempts by the corporation to suppress news of its 2009 line-up are looking more threadbare than ever after the recent Autocar Awards, according to Autosport.com.

That august publication reports him saying at the event: “I’m delighted to be able to tell you all that I’ll be joining the BBC next year. I’ve been commentating on F1 for the past 12 years and I briefly considered calling it a day.

“However in the end I decided to take up the BBC’s offer and now I’m very excited about working for them next year.”

That tells a story all of its own, doesn’t it?

Brundle’s announcement follows the publication on a David Coulthard fan site in October of the news that the former McLaren and Red Bull driver will be joining the team as a technical expert.

Since the site is based in his home village of Twynholm, and run by a good friend of the Coulthard family, this struck us as absolutely copper-bottomed information and completely to be trusted.

Isn’t it really time that the BBC put an end to all the leaks and speculation and just announced who’ll be on the team?


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