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F1: Home is where the heart is for Button

Jenson Button may live in Monaco these days but, even with the glamour and excitement of the Principality’s grand prix upon us, it’s still the British race he wants to win most of all.

While the Brawn GP driver says he would love a win in Monaco, the buzz of driving in front of the British fans at what he still calls his home grand prix is a greater thrill than navigating its twisty, harbourside streets at breakneck speed.


Asked about Monaco in a Q&A with Autosport he said: “It is a special race, but when you are looking at the races over a season, I wouldn’t put this as the race that stands out for me – it’s my home grand prix at Silverstone.

“It would be great to win here, but for me the most exciting race to win would be my home grand prix, for atmosphere’s sake, with the British fans. You would hope at your home grand prix you’ve got more fans there than any other, so Silverstone would be the most special.

Not that he’s criticising or anything: “Monaco is up there and it’s such a unique circuit – it’s very different to anything else. You win here and it doesn’t mean you’re going to win the championship, but there’s nothing else like this circuit. It’s a fun circuit to drive and when you cross the line at the end of this race it’s a bonus.

“Every lap is 100 per cent around here and you have to be totally focused and as precise as possible, but also with aggression. So winning here would be pretty special and when you cross the line it’s just a feeling of relief.

“Afterwards you’re so tired, mentally and physically drained around here, so that would make it extra special.”


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