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F1: Did you record the race – and can you help?


Never mind that some bloke’s making history across the pond, it’s Lewis Hamilton’s moment in the sun here at Brits on Pole – and likely to stay that way for quite a while yet ;- ))

To put things in their proper context, the world does feel like a much nicer and less scary place since the morning of November 5, and for this we feel profoundly grateful to United States President-Elect Barack Obama and everyone who voted for him. (We wish we could say the same about F1…)


And the relative silence on here is due to the fact we’ve only just caught up with our sleep after staying up all night to watch the election results come in.

Trouble is, things don’t always work out as they should, as one of our readers has found out recently.

However much we try to preserve our memories of these historic moments, we can still fall victim to petty annoyances like malfunctioning DVD players:

On the critical weekend of the Brazilian GP I had to go to London to house-sit and, before leaving, set up the DVD all ready for Sunday’s race. What a fantastic, nail-biting finale – but I was quite happy knowing that this was being recorded for posterity!

Imagine my terrible disappointment when I got back on Tuesday to find that we had a power-cut over the weekend – I was absolutely mortified! Even if I had known about the loss of power there was little I could do, being some 200 miles away.

I wonder perhaps if either yourself or someone you know could lend me a copy (for a refundable deposit of course) I could then get this copied and returned to its rightful owner. Would prefer DVD but I can get a VHS tape copied.

What compounded it for me was that I support Hamilton, even though I’m sure he will win many more titles it is the first one that is so monumental and at such a young age.

Thank you for letting me pester you for help.

Can anyone help solve this problem? If so, please email us – and we’ll pass your details on.


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