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F1: Coulthard’s RB3 auctioned on eBay

Fancy a second-hand racer? One less-than-careful owner, reliability a bit of an issue, but goes like a bomb and will look as cool as, er, anything parked on your drive?

As it happens, this is not an opportunity that comes along very often and, when it does, it’ll set you back well in advance of £160,000.


How do we know this? Because the Red Bull F1 team has just raised this sum for charity by auctioning a 2007 car driven by David Coulthard to an anonymous enthusiast via the Austrian version of the eBay auction site.

The car was the one DC piloted to 11th place at Silverstone last year and which carried the team’s ‘Faces for Charity’ livery, created after more than 50,000 Formula One fans donated money in exchange for their photographs being reproduced on the car’s bodywork.

The cash goes to the Wings For Life foundation, an organisation set up to fund research into spinal injuries.


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