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F1: Coulthard book signing on Sep 10


A heads-up for any of David Coulthard’s fans able to be in London on Monday September 10 – he’ll be doing a book signing to promote his newly-published autobiography It Is What It Is.

He’ll be at Pole Position World of Motorsport, 78 Regent Street, London, W1B 5RW, between 12pm and 2pm. Anyone not able to attend in person could always try contacting the venue and asking them to put a signed copy on one side for you…


The book itself made headlines around the world after its author revealed that the pressures of motorsport had helped lead him towards a teenage eating disorder.

DC, writing his regular column for the ITV F1 website, revealed himself to be a little bit bemused by all the attention.

He said: “That happened to me 20 years ago and, though motorsport generally and F1 in particular is seen as quite a macho sort of business, the reality is that in karting back then I believe it was quite common.

“People may be surprised that an active F1 driver would admit to once suffering from bulemia, but I have always been against creating an impression of yourself that isn’t real.”

That was a bit of a bombshell, it must be said.

But, most of all, we like the sound of the next book he’s going to be writing. He added: “I had to edit out a lot of stuff because I am still active in the sport. I’ll dish the dirt in my follow-up when I am no longer racing!”

Now that should be worth reading…


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